Always a keen 'snapper' I never thought that I could actually become a photographer. My brother - a professional photographer - had given me cameras and gamely tried to teach me, and I did learn a lot from his vast experience, but I never thought of it as a career until relatively late.

I enrolled at college to do photography when film was the predominant medium, with digital photography still being viewed with suspicion by some. They viewed digital photography as being somehow inferior to film, and felt that digital was cheating! All this has now changed and with this in mind I am continually striving to improve my skills, and am currently undertaking a further course of study with the Photography Institute.

Property and interiors have always been a passion of mine - and I do mean always....even as a very young child I remember sketching floor plans of my dream homes!

I have worked as an interior designer and have a strong aesthetic sense which I think is an essential quality in an interiors photographer, as it helps me visualise the best way to present a room.

I rarely go anywhere without my camera, and love to create images which could be framed and put on a wall!

When not photographing I am busy being a mum to a lively 11 year old and can often be found looking at run down French property on the internet, planning the interiors for the day one of them will be mine!

I believe that professional photography is an investment, not an expense.